Sunday 10 March 2024

Women's Work at Helston Museum of Cornish Life March 8-23rd 2024

 Women’s Work- an art exhibition at Helston Museum of Cornish Life, Market Place, Helston.
March 8 - 23, Monday to Saturday, 10 - 4  Free admission.

Stina Falle, an artist living in Goldsithney, had the idea to organise an art exhibition inspired by the example of Denny Long, who often worked with groups of women, and lived in Cornwall for some years before her final illness.

Somehow a group of women emerged, many who knew the artist Denny Long, and it was agreed to make a mandala of segments united by the theme of women who have been inspiring.

The result is an extremely varied assemblage which is arranged to flow in a circle of colour to be viewed horizontally in the round. The women referenced range from groups to individuals, from personal contacts to famous people. The media chosen contrast paint, collaged materials, embroidered surfaces and printed fabrics. There is a book with further information about the pieces and visitors may write their own contributions in a book provided.

In addition women are contributing other work united by the theme of women - part of what can be termed fourth wave feminist action. This will be in the upstairs gallery area at the back of the museum, please check for lift access.


Susie Chaikin mosaic 'femininity rising'

Also there will be a wide variety of workshops from a reading session to all kinds of creative activities and making reusable eco friendly sanitary pads. These sessions are free, and can be seen listed at the museum information online site -

Stina Falle commented about the process of allowing the mandala to emerge from the effort, skills and enthusiasm of the group ‘I think everything we do in a collective way contributes to a sense of generosity and co - operation in the world - which is what we need.’


Sarah Sullivan 'She of the Sea Totem'

Charlie Lewin , felt vessel

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