Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Anima Mundi exhibition-Claire Curneen and David Quinn-May 2022

 Anima Mundi in St Ives, Cornwall, is showing 8 April to 24th May, Mon to Sat,
Work by Claire Curneen and David Quinn

These exhibitions are free to view on the three floors of this gallery. No one will pester the visitor but any questions are welcomed and information sheets are given out.

David Quinn is an artist who produces very subtle surfaces and repetitive marks on small wooden panels, held on the wall very simply by an invisible nail and without frames. They are in two sizes and two prices- £800 or £2,200. He relishes a meditative daily ritual of working.

Claire Curneen’s ceramic mostly porcelain figures are entitled ‘Through  Living Roots Awaken’.
They are startling in being often intricately made with contrasts  of dark marks on the white or real gold additions. They cost £6,500 and upwards and they make a bold but mysterious impact.
One figure has a chest pierced by a branch, another is with animals and objects that hint at a story, another has a chest with small thimble like indentations that gleam with gold.

It’s a change from all the galleries with beach and sea paintings.

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