Thursday, 15 August 2013

Dhyano at The Arts Club, St.Ives August 2013


What to say? It's not easy to describe this zany 'futurist' show. In brief I would say it was brilliant and Dhyano is a comic genius.

It's two hours but not too long.
On the 7th there  were two guests, Shanti Baba and Steve Litherland who were both  entertaining.

However, it's Dhyano we had gone to see, whose humour is very visual , but also with a love of sounds generated by himself and the audience when he invites participation,( and this is not creepy or threatening). 

Dhyano throws himself into the act with amazing intensity and wit, commenting on his Uncle who sold Pilchards in Italy on his return from Australia, on the self absorption of artists, the origins of Tate, on seagulls, train travel, socks, Italian food.
 However, mentioning a few of the many subjects touched upon does nothing to convey the Dadaist nature of absurdity and complexity which connects diverse remarks and is delivered so eloquently, almost frighteningly ludicrous at times, touchingly soliloquising at others, and engages us completely so that we emerge refreshed into the night, trying to remember it all, enthralled  and delighted.

Don't miss this.


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