Monday, 17 December 2012

Rothko Scribbler does not deserve 2 years in prison-petition

Dear Theresa May, [I await her reply]

Vladimir Umanets has been jailed for 2 years for scribbling on a Rothko.
This is crazy. 

I ask for his sentence to be reduced. Someone who knows how to start a petition should start one.

 People should only be imprisoned for violent crime. I am an artist and I appreciate Rothko but to take 2 years of a man's life is utterly ridiculous. 

A fine and community service would have sufficed.

Yours faithfully, M.Fletcher

The Guardian published my letter about this on Sat 15th December 2012.
By then I had managed to start an online petition, the link to which is at the start of this post.

There have been some signatures but I would like to see more people join this protest against jailing a man for defacing property.

Its depressing that so few will commit themselves to the slightest involvement in any campaigns-you'd think we were living in some fascist state and in danger of being killed if we even speak our minds-for example so few who read 'art cornwall' forum ever express an opinion-is this because they fear ridicule or because they have no opinion?
As Bettelheim pointed out, in far more terrible circumstances than I hope to endure, if one delays protest then protest becomes more difficult.

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