Monday, 7 September 2020

Robert Broadhurst. 'An Occurrence at Arverne' vimeo

Robert Broadhurst. 'An Occurrence at Arverne' vimeo, 7.30 mins This short video is a 'staff pick' on Vimeo with 113,000 views. After seeing it I find this is Broadhurst's first narrative film, written by him, that isn't done as a commercial advert for his usual clients - Adidas, Kanye West fashion, Armani etc which are slick glossy productions. In 'Occurrence at Arverne' there are a lot of signs that can be read in ways that betray our prejudiced expectations. A hooded black man enters a bungalow. Towards the end a police car draws up outside. Is he up to no good or has he gone round to feed the cat - who fails to show up? It's clever, subtle, and succinct. Marcus Curtis Cooke is the actor. Extensive credits are followed by slogans in block capitals such as ' BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED', 'DUMP TRUMP' and 'LOVE BEATS FEAR'

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