Monday, 12 November 2012

Excruciating Noise

Doesn’t anyone else mind the excessive mind-numbing sound levels that some dance companies are playing their music at?

I left ‘Some like it hip-hop’ at the interval because the noise level was too loud for me.

This week, ever hopeful, I went to see ‘Freedom’ by the Vardimon company.
The noise level this time was well over my pain threshold and I had to rush out and ask for my money back after sitting with my hands jammed into my ears for a few minutes. 

Disturbingly, I could not exit through two doors labelled ‘fire door’ because they were locked shut.

It looks as if I’ll have to stop going to Hall for Cornwall. My husband also found the noise level far too loud and was glad to leave.
Is everyone else so deaf it doesn’t bother them or too afraid to complain?
Anyway, two wasted drives from St.Ives, car parking, programmes and expensive tickets - I will restrain myself from booking for anything else and hope the Moscow ballet and Rambert dance are as wonderful as usual as I have those tickets already.

Oh yes, and Vardimon had no interval, making the assault on your ears more of an ordeal and depriving Hall for Cornwall of useful refreshment revenue and all the small audience of being able to meet and chat with fellow cognoscenti of the dance circuit.

Hall for Cornwall should issue noise level warnings, ask companies to not be painfully loud, and keep fire exits unlocked.

Sometimes ‘Freedom’ is leaving.

Mary Fletcher.